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Yep, He’s For Us

We all have a perception of God. Some people see Him as distant and unapproachable. Others see Him as harsh and unattainable. Some feel as if they will never measure up, as if the bar is set too high.

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Are You a Christian

James 2:19 – Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. Wow, that means the devil and his minions are Christians! I think not. So what does it mean to be a Christian?

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All Things New

Laura Krecmer Laura Krecmer, with her husband Kevin, are dedicated workers in the Bus Ministry and other areas. They have a desire to see kids reached, shown love, and ultimately find a relationship with God. I dare to inquire of you...

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Conforming or Transforming

Isaiah Keller Isaiah Keller is a young minister at Apostolic Faith Church. While furthering his education through Wilson University, he is involved in many capacities such as leading a great group towards a dynamic van ministry; the church is witnessing tremendous...

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Surrendered Real Estate

Is there one thing outside of Gods control? Is there something too hard for God? Are there any limitations or parameters in which He operates? Does to say “yes” worry or trouble you? Does saying “yes” make Him less God in your mind? Have I asked too many questions?

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If I am saved once, am I always saved?

Questions Pentecostals Ask, Vol 1 his is an excerpt from the book “Questions Pentecostals Ask, Volume 1” pages 32-34 that was written by David F. Gray. This book contains letters that were written to David F. Gray and then documents his reply to the letter....

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Worship, it’s What He’s Looking For

Tyler Woolwine Tyler Woolwine, with his wife, is actively involved at Apostolic Faith Church. Together, they serve as youth leaders and teach the Youth Sunday School Class. Tyler is a minister who helps lead worship and service. He has a deep passion to see God move,...

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Monday Musings of a Butterfly

I wish I could fly but all I can do is crawl.  The birds have it so easy as they sore through the air.  Landing on tree or bush and fulfilling their every wish.  If only I could be an eagle or even a little moth.  Though ugly, at least they fly and get around.

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The Father and the Son…Explained

Now, what did Jesus mean when He prayed in John 17:11, “That they may be one, as we are?” He explained it in verses 21 and 23: “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they may be one in us…I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.”

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